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Why work with us is profitable?

The “Partner-Company” – that is the how ALTSEST is mostly perceived. No matter whether you install windows or build a sky-scraper, assemble furniture or aircrafts – we are your reliable partner and you can always count on us.

Professionals – our most important customers. Our clients are real experts in their fields and they like no other have deeper understanding of their work. Realizing this we constantly pay special attention to professional training of personnel, so that we could provide only high-skilled and well-qualified consultations that our customers deserve.

“None of Altsest customers shall remain face-to-face with his problems”. That was the principle the Company followed at the beginning of its activity. The years passed transforming the principle into ideology now followed by each Company employee.

We were among the first of those who offered hire of tools and equipment in view of the needs of our customers. And in 2000 we opened the first complete professional Internet-shop in Ukraine offering tools and equipment to the customers which do not have an opportunity to visit Altsest shop. Therefore now you can do profitable and convenient shopping.

Time is money and the customer’s time is priceless. Valuing the time of our customers in 2006 we opened call-centers where the customers, having dialed 0 800 503 000 can receive an advice on exclusive brands, technical features of the instrument and equipment, get to know about special offers and action as well as addresses of Company shops round-the-clock.

Customer’s trust is the most precious achievement of the Company, that’s why we guarantee professional service system: testing and launch of petrol and electric tools upon purchase, warranty and post-warranty service, preventive service of tools and equipment, reparation and qualified assistance of advisers.

What products do we offer?

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